Job Title:   

Reports To:        The Elders/Classis
Position Status:  Full‐Time


The role of the Pastor is to assist the Consistory in overseeing the life and direction of the church. The Pastor will have a firm grasp on the purpose, values, and strategy of the church and the ability to align ordained and lay staff and key leadership teams with its mission. The Pastor will offer pastoral leadership to the congregation alongside clergy and lay ministers. The Pastor will ensure that the systems, practices, and policies of the church  function responsibly and effectively support its Mission and Values.

The Pastor will first and foremost be an individual who models integrity and Godly character. He/she will be an articulate advocate and communicator for the vision of God's church and for the glory of God. This individual will be the primary leader and teacher, who will have a broad responsibility for the spiritual welfare, growth, and life of the church in all areas including discipleship, evangelism, and equipping the congregation for service. The Pastor is to embody the essence of a shepherd and servant leader.

The Pastor must have a genuine and healthy relationship with God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. He/she seeks to discern God’s leading personally and as the pastor of New Hope Community Church.   A minimum of five years of pastoral and teaching experience in a multi-staff church/para-church setting is required as well as a Masters level training or

equivalent. This successful candidate will possess the following scope of skills/attributes required for this position:

Desired Personal Attributes:
1.   Has the capacity and desire, over time, to genuinely love thepeople of New
Hope in a way that they know their pastor loves them, appreciates them, and
supports them.
2.   Can shepherd an older/retiring church population while attracting new members
      with a balanced ministry perspective that is heavy on support of community and
      light on fire/brimstone/conviction.  Believes in growing the Kingdom with the 
      emphasis on bringing about changed lives that will grow the church and in turn
      transform the community.
3.   Has a genuine servant’s heart and low ego needs.  Values serving God and His
      people above all, is genuinely humble in Christ enabling him/her to work well
      with others, and allows others to use their gifts and abilities. Must be affirming,
      encouraging, and supportive of others.  
4.   Has an accurate and healthy sense of who he/she is (both strengths and 
weaknesses) and can lead in a non-anxious, non-defensive way.  Is comfortable
      with and genuinely appreciates people from diverse backgrounds. Is able to 
      relate to Christians and non-Christians, those similar and dissimilar to himself/
      herself.  Comfortable dealing with those living on the “fringes of our culture.” 
      Appreciates a wide variety of worship experiences (traditional, contemporary,
5.   Has good conflict resolution skills.  Is able and willing to help resolve conflicts.
      Doesn’t have to like to do so but absolutely has to do it.

Desired Experience:
Able to demonstrate proficiency through recent pastoral leadership experiences in each of the New Hope core values: equipping effectively, worshipping meaningfully, evangelizing intentionally, growing spiritually, serving purposely those inneed, loving holistically, and fellowshipping authentically.  

Key Responsibilities and Duties:
1.  Preaching, teaching, and pastoral care: The Pastor will be the primary preacher
     for all worship services. The Pastor also will provide leadership in planning and
     executing the Adult Education programs and other programs in discipleship and
     ministry training in coordination with other ordained and lay leaders.  The
     Pastor will oversee the care needs of the congregation and, as necessary, share
     with other ordained and lay ministers in hospital visitation, home visits,
     counseling, marriages and funerals.
2.  Strategic leadership and planning: The Pastor will be responsible for planning
     and staff coordination in the execution of the church’s strategic plan. The Pastor
     will work to accomplish strategic goals and vision as a key leader among staff
     and elders and implement the plan by:
      a.   Coordinating/leading weekly staff meetings and other
      activities to achieve goals and objectives.
      b.   Monitoring the spiritual pulse of the congregation through
and accountability.
      c.   Ensuring staffing, facilities, and programs are effectively aligned to
      meet strategic goals.
3.   Staff supervision and development: With consultation from the Staff Committee,
      the Pastor will serve as director to ordained and lay staff and to lay volunteers.
      The Pastor
will lead, evaluate, and mentor existing staff in their respective areas
      of ministry by:
a.   Overseeing staff training and development.
      b.   Hiring and dismissing staff and prioritizing staff additions after consultation
guidance from the Staff Committee.
      c.   Providing leadership to the pastoral staff in the design and implementation
      of all 
church ministries.
      d.   Working with the Staff Committee to implement salary reviews       and recommendations, develop staff benefit plans, and conduct performance
e.   Maintaining efficient and effective lines of communication between the staff
      and the 
Staff Committee.
4.   Administration: The Pastor will oversee and execute the administration of the
      church through appropriate staff and lay
leadership teams and ensure the
      completion of ministry, business, facility, and
logistical support functions
      through staff and lay volunteers. He/she will:

      a.   Supervise the Office Manager and provide direction, as needed, for
      the effective functioning of the front office.
      b.   Oversee development of and adherence to church policies and
      c.   Report monthly to the Consistory on ministry accomplishments and
      activities. The Staff Committee will conduct an annual performance evaluation
      and review of the compensation package, meeting the minimum compensation
      package set by the RCA Classis.
5.   Duties to the Reformed Church in America:  As a member of the Rocky
      Mountain Classis, the Pastor will be required to attend Classis meetings and
      serve on Classis committees.  

Interested candidates may request a copy of the New Hope Community Church profile by contacting