To glorify God and to share the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ with New Hope for all of God's people.


At New Hope, we often ask the question, "What difference would it make to our Aurora community if New Hope ceased to exist?" We know that a valuable worshipping community would be missed by the people of New Hope, but what about the neighborhood? This question keeps us focused on our service to our community and the world.


Our faith is centered in God's love for us, demonstrated in Jesus Christ, His Son.  We believe that God is three-in-one: God the Father, Jesus the Son (Jesus Christ) and God the Holy Spirit. We believe that we are saved by grace alone, through faith, not by what we think or do to earn God's favor.  Our good works don't earn our salvation, but are a way to thank God for this free gift of salvation.

Our final authority is the Bible-known as the Holy Scripture, the word of God. 

We celebrate two sacraments: baptism (baptizing infants and adults by pouring, sprinkling, and immersion if requested) and the Lord's Supper (celebrated the first Sunday of every month).

We are a confessional church which means that we have statements of belief, called creeds and confessions (such as the Apostle's Creed and the Nicene Creed) which are based on scripture and summarize our beliefs.  These statements guide our understanding of faith and shape its practice.



New Hope is made up of people coming from  many different Christian backgrounds and many with no faith in their background at all.  Each person brings something unique and helps us to be a more complete Christian community.   We are also a part of the Reformed Church in America, the oldest denomination in the country with a continuous history. Colonists came from the Netherlands seeking religious freedom and established New Amsterdam, now New York City, nearly 400 years ago.  Today, the Reformed Church in America includes 300,000 people across the North American continent, remembering their heritage, growing together, reforming always, according the word of God to do Christ's work.  We invite you to visit our website for more information.





     Arriving at the corner of Hampden and Telluride in Aurora, you will encounter a quiet, park like campus and find abundant off street parking.  Entering our attractive, functional (and often used!) building you will begin to meet people that are serious about caring for each other and making a "place to belong" for people that God is constantly bringing to us.  You will see children scooting around looking for their friends, middle aged people milling around and Senior Saints making the church wonderful just by being there. The littlest ones may want to make their way to the nursery where our Uma, our professional and caring child care provider, will be in charge.   Entering worship, you will find comfortable seating and "red bags" of activities to help keep kids occupied.  Since New Hope appreciates all kinds of music, on any given Sunday you may hear organs and pianos or guitars and keyboards, fresh praise music or wonderful hymns, all pointing the way to God.  Pastor Phil or Pastor Ann will bring a message from God's word in a positive way that brings us the hope, strength and meaning that we all need.  The younger children, after a special children's time just for them, will be released to our Children in Worship program where they will learn about God and to sing, pray and share community.  The atmosphere will be warm and inviting with the goal of helping all of us recenter our hearts on God and find strength in being part of a supportive Christian community.  Among the 150 worshippers, we often share both laughter and tears as we worship God together.  Some people will be wearing suits and some will be wearing jeans and sweatshirts-all are welcome at New Hope.  You will meet people that have been in church their whole life and those that are just beginning to think about God.  Often you will meet someone new who was nudged to come because of some change in their life: a move into the community, a health or faith crisis or a relationship change. God often draws us closer through crises either good or bad. Following worship we will gather for coffee and donuts, conversation and connections. Many will linger to get to know each other better, some will wander down the hall to draw closer to God through an adult or children's class (knowing all those working with children or adolescents have undergone our "Safe Kids" program and have undergone a background check), some will head out into the beautiful Colorado sunshine.  No one seems in a hurry to leave. You will find that people are genuinely glad that you have come.  They seem honored by your presence.