For the safety of our community, we will not be meeting at New Hope for our Sunday service for the next few weeks. We will still be having a service starting at 9:30 am on our Facebook page, using Facebook Live.

Click here to visit our Facebook page.

Please see below to hear from Pastor Jeff about this decision.

Letter from Pastor Jeff about COVID-19 and New Hope

Hey New Hope! 

These last few days have been unlike anything that most of us have experienced. There is so much information that is being spread about the Coronavirus, and with that information there is also so much fear. It's not too dissimilar to the fear that Jesus disciples must have faced in the boat with Jesus. In Mark 4, we are retold the story of when the storm was raging and they had no idea what to do. Jesus responded with, "Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith? The disciples responded by saying, "Who is this? Even the wind and the waves obey him!"

While it is natural to be afraid right now, we can take great comfort in knowing that we have no need to be afraid! The Creator of the Universe is on our side and there is no sickness too big for him!

Not being afraid, however, is not the same as not being careful. Today, your board spent quite a bit of time in prayer thinking through what to do this coming Sunday. One of the things we've been thinking about is the directions that have come from the Governor's office. They have asked us to strongly encourage those over 60 to not attend church. However, when some parts of your family are told they can't come, we all miss out. So, for this week, we are going to change the way we do services. On Sunday, we will be holding our services entirely online. We'll still meet together, we'll still be able to talk, we'll still be able to worship, we'll still know that Christ our King is in control, we'll just be doing that via Facebook Live rather than at our building! We can't wait to have all of you join us for our online services this Sunday. We'll still be meeting at 9:30, but we'll meet you online. Join us from bed, from the kitchen table with a cup of coffee, or just sitting on the couch. Just click on the Facebook link at the bottom of this email to be taken to our Facebook page!! 

See you there Sunday at 9:30!

We also wanted to let you know of a few different ways that you can serve during this time! First, please pray for the health and safety of everyone! This will be a difficult and stressful time for many, let's all ask our God to intervene in miraculous ways!

Also, there are going to be many people who aren't able to get out and pick up the food, medicine, and other things they need. If you're able, make sure to check in on these folks and offer to help! If you need some help and you can't make it out, just reply to this email! We'll figure out how to get you what you need!

Another great way to serve Christ during this time is to be a voice of hope for your neighborhood. When stress and fear mounts, make sure to tell them that there is a hope, and that hope is Jesus! No matter the circumstances, 

our God is bigger than them!

Can't wait to see you (digitally) on Sunday!
Pastor Jeff

Our Mission:

To glorify God and to equip all people to live by faith, 

to joyfully serve Jesus Christ with skill, integrity, and vitality; 

To be known by our love and to be a voice of hope in the community and the world.

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